The Group established its own mortgage broking business Investloan in 2000. Investloan offer clear, no-nonsense advice, on structuring and selecting investment loans that assist buyers using the Custodian program with finance for their investment property purchases.

In 2010 financial year the group settled $196 million in loans and maintain a book of approximately $750 million growing exponentially by over $200 million per annum.

Having a finance arm is imperative to volume borrow and provide a differential during the GFC where other developers and sales organisations experienced sharp downturns in sales and settlements due to the finance landscape changing. Investloan, because of its expertise and track record were able to increase market share and ensure a continuum of funds for clients.

Investloan are Accredited Mortgage Consultant/Brokers with the MFAA (the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia), the governing body of Mortgage Brokers in the country. They are accredited with the Australian Finance Group, giving them access to over 30 lenders Australia-wide. They are also directly accredited with other lending institutions. But they are independent from all the lenders they use - so they can choose the best loans for your needs and plans.

Custodian Financial Planning partner with clients to deliver successful, tailored risk and retirement financial solutions over the long-term. They offer clients clear insights and comprehensive tailored financial solutions to ensure their financial strategies remain consistent with changes in their circumstances, legislative updates and product enhancements.