Property Investment

Custodian WealthBuilders is a wholly owned subsidiary of the JLF Group - one of Australia's most respected property investment specialists. Custodian WealthBuilders was launched in 1997 by John Fitzgerald to create a repeat purchase program for professional Australians who wish to build an investment property portfolio to build wealth.

Custodian WealthBuilders has created many hundreds of millionaires, as well as delivering educational products and investment seminars around the country. It buys and sells more than 500 to 1,000 properties per annum.

The premise is founded on John's best selling book Seven Steps to Wealth, now in its sixth edition. The thesis of the Custodian model is that house prices in Australia double every seven to ten years and using tax benefits of negative gearing, a person on an income of $100, 000 per annum can purchase one home and then use the growth in that home to add further homes over a ten year period.

If the median house price increases by 8% per annum and the investor buys six homes over a ten year period, in year 12 they will have net assets of $2.992 million and a positive cash flow of approximately $60,000 per annum.

Custodian has more than 3,000 clients, many of who have purchased multiple properties. We have created more than 243 millionaires being investors who have purchased between 6 and 19 homes using their equity growth. Custodian sales ability has underpinned the profit and reputation of the group during the GFC. The Group were able to sell and settle over 500 allotments per year during 2007 /2008/ 2009/ 2010.

Custodian deals with Australia's major land developers who supply them with lots, and also source product from its own developments.

House in Pearsall, Western Australia
Sold for:          $335,000 in 2005
Now worth:    $520,000 in 2011