How we do it

Search for the right land

It all starts with the land. We source land in super high growth areas and within councils that have a propensity for higher density rezoning to maximize our land growth per m2. We reject many sites due to frontage, drainage, topography, access, soil conditions or other impediments to future growth. The research team is a muti-skilled group of very talented people that will identify areas that are highest in population growth and targeted for infrastructure spending, as well as key community services vital to performance of transport, schools, healthcare, etc... They live and breathe numbers, they will seek every key fact that will demonstrate we are in the right place to buy and grow.



Our Acquisitions team does a lot of legwork when it comes to building affordability, quality audit and rental efficiency; they coordinate quotes with up to six different builders that we trust, to ensure the best possible value and build time frame for our clients.

They also contact the architect to commission designs for the frontage as required. These two teams are intrinsic in our decision to develop or lock-in a piece of land.

Our research and valuations team ensure that our clients have full, open and transparent disclosure.

When we design our houses we only take up on average 45% of site coverage so we are strategic in designing our houses to offer our clients the best opportunities for value add-ons in 10-20 years, as housing demographics change and the single tenancy becomes multi-occupancy.

  1.  Pick an area based on research (population, jobs, infrastructure,government projects in the pipeline, etc...)
  2. Pick estates and the right blocks within the estates,at the right price
  3. Commission tenders: Price,design, time frame, rental estimates for each design, site coverage for future potential
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