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“Many of our clients have visited the school and embraced the HEART
we have for our children. That then becomes a base for their living,
investing, for reaching their full potential'.”

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To me, the greatest gift we can give is inspiration. – John

Our Commitment with Toogoolawa

Toogoolawa means a place in the heart.

Since 1989 we have provided accommodation and education to boys who society has left behind. Aged 8-15 they have mostly been excluded from mainstream schooling and are often traumatised in their living environment.

We start by making them feel they belong. And then we teach them. We teach them human values; love, peace, truth, right conduct and non-violence. And then we show them how to live these values. Each year the school costs us over $1.5 million to run.

Each year the school costs us over $1.5 million to run. We believe that is money well spent. In 2014, the Queensland Government acknowledged the ground-breaking methods we use - and our amazing teachers and social workers - by granting Toogoolawa $3 million to build a new wing. So why does Custodian support Toogoolawa?

Why does Custodian support Toogoolawa?

The answer can be found in the values of John L. Fitzgerald. In 7 Steps to Wealth he advises readers to: 'be all you can be'. He created Custodian specifically to support Toogoolawa and its work of helping boys to follow that advice and be all they can be.


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A place in the heart

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